2017 Leadership in Education Award

The College of Education at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) was recognized as the Texas Project Learning Tree (PLT) Partner of the Year at the 2017 Texas Forestry Association Annual Meeting.

Dr Brown SHSU

Since 2002, the Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) and Sam Houston State University have collaborated to provide Project Learning Tree training to students in the College of Education. Approximately 4,500 students have been trained at 30 workshop during the 15 year partnership, with the single largest workshop having 206 students in attendance.


Each spring and fall, the TFS Huntsville district forester recruits foresters and other natural resource professionals to facilitate PLT activity stations at the Walk in the Forest. Under the leadership of Dr. Andrea Foster, the faculty at Sam Houston State University organize the students, most of whom are studying to become elementary school teachers. During the high-energy field day, students participate in Project Learning Tree activities and receive PLT’s supplementary curriculum to use in their future classrooms.

In addition, Dr. Lisa Brown at SHSU has been utilizing the PLT Focus on Forests secondary module to ensure that her future high school agriculture teachers receive training in the fundamentals of forest management. Texas A&M Forest Service personnel host a field day to teach basic forestry skills, such as tree identification and forest measurements, to Brown’s students. Additionally, Dr. Brown secured a grant to provide forestry equipment such as Biltmore sticks, compasses, and tree cookies for her students to use as teaching tools in their future classrooms.

Dr. Brown is also a leader at Texas Forestry Association’s Teacher Conservation Institute where she is gathering data from current and past participants to help gauge their long-term use of the PLT curriculum.




About the Award

The Texas Project Learning Tree Leadership in Education award recognizes individuals and partners who have made positive contributions to support PLT programs and initiatives at the state-level. The award is designed to make visible the many stories and impacts of PLT’s network in successfully helping the next generation learn how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues and make positive impacts in their communities.




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