Thank you for hosting a Project Learning Tree workshop. Please contact us with any questions about your workshop or the forms.


Quick Start to a Workshop


Determine workshop type
Determine location
Determine target audience
Develop publicity plan to reach target audience
Develop workshop agenda

Minimum workshop requirements
  • Early Childhood — 3 hours, minimum of three activities
  • PreK-8 — 6 hours, minimum of five activities
  • Secondary — 3 hours, minimum of two activities
  • Energy and Society — minimum 3 hours
  • Energy and Society/PreK-8 Combo — 6 hours
  • Early Childhood/Pre-K-8 Combo — 6 hours

Other agenda items to consider 
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Icebreaker
  • Workshop goals/outcomes
  • Texas Connection
  • History of PLT (required)
  • Hike Through the Guide (required)
  • Classroom planning
  • Participant evaluations (required)
  • Presentation of certificates
Submit online workshop proposal at least 4 weeks prior to workshop date. 

After your workshop
  • Mail or email workshop forms
  • Return all unused guides and materials to Texas Forestry Association

Workshop Forms

Facilitator Cover Sheet (one per workshop)

Participant Information Form (one per participant)

Professional Development Evaluation (one per participant)

Workshop Payment Form (one per workshop)

Participant Certificate (contact coordinators for these)


TCI teacher training




Register to become a PLT GreenSchool.

Be a part of the national movement to reduce the ecological footprint of our schools.


Tree Cookie

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